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Websites for Ecommerce

  • Software: BeCommerce or AspDotNetStorefront?

    At Beacon, we use either BeCommerce or AspdotnetStorefront software.  BeCommerce is ideal for retailers and wholesalers that have a strong, existing ERP system, and desire a "web layer", or framework, to effectively extend their products and ordering to the web.  BeCommerce integrates with Cascade CMS in order to provide tremendously flexible marketing on top of the online store. 


    Although Aspdotnetstorefront can also provide the "web layer" solution, similar to BeCommerce, it is used primarily for smaller businesses that want a more cost-effective, traditional online store solution.  It can function as a standalone system or integrate with backoffice ERP systems as well. <more>

  • Web Strategy Phase for Ecommerce (Brains)

    A partner that brings "Brains, Beauty & Brawn" to the relationship is hard to find.  All three are in Beacon's DNA to produce leading-edge websites for Retailers & Wholesalers.  


    Let the goals & expectations of your customers drive your website strategy.  Perform the up-front analyses to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that considers user experience, user engagement, marketing/branding, technology, and competitors.  Doing so will ensure your design and development efforts are on target.  <more>

  • Web Design & Development (Beauty & Brawn)

    Once you've done your homework to layout a comprehensive gameplan from the strategy phase, use it to inform the design of your new website.  Collaborate on wireframe concepts & graphical mockups to engage consumers with your brand and design across multiple devices.  Carefully couple effective calls to action within an easy-to-use navigation so that your customers can quickly find what they are looking for, while "experiencing" your brand through your website.


    Your design then comes to life during the web development phase .  Success hinges on a proven process, quality software, experienced development resources, a well-conceived content migration strategy, thorough testing, a carefully planned launch, followed by continuing support.  With Beacon, you will enjoy a worry-free website that was designed and developed for all common browsers & devices.  <more>

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Analytics for Ecommerce

  • GAFUSION: Measuring In-Store Sales!

    GAFUSION was originally created for Beacon's ecommerce customers, to connect in-store sales to online marketing efforts.  In other words, it helps retailers assess the results of their marketing budget more accurately by bringing both online AND offline sales together in one place. 


    Ultimately, online stores can now have all their transactions (and relevant CRM data) in one place - Google Analytics.  See in-store and online information side-by-side and learn how online marketing is driving in-store sales. <more>

  • How to Use Google Analytics for Ecommerce

    A river of data flows beneath every online store, with many different fish to find, attract and catch.  With all the different audiences, devices, website properties and marketing channels, we see tracking and reporting blunders quite often. 


    The data is there, and plentiful for most ecommerce websites.  So take the time to configure and use Google Analytics specifically for your college and ensure data accuracy.  Rather than just watching the fish swim by, study their actions, understand their tendencies, and engage the best ones more effectively. <more>

  • Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

    Every website owner wants more qualified visitors, leads and sales.  Your business is competing for qualified consumers who seek your products and services.  This "sales funnel" can vary dramatically from business to business, so success depends on strong, continuous engagement fueled by data-driven digital marketing


    Attract and engage new and existing customer more effectively using today’s best online tools and methods.  With 18+ years under our belt, Beacon marries deep expertise in digital marketing, Google Analytics, user experience and engagement to get the most out of your website. <more> 

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