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Beacon Technologies has implemented and marketed scores of ecommerce websites that have brought the user experience to the forefront of online shopping. With many years of experience, Beacon understands the evolution of ecommerce shopping and where it is heading. If you are making a decision on where to go for ecommerce marketing, only Beacon can put you far ahead of competition with uniquely optimized ecommerce marketing campaigns.

Many different elements go into a successful ecommerce marketing campaign. For example, besides having the most popular products easily accessible, you will need to create a category structure that not only is conducive to displaying products effectively but also one that s search-engine friendly.  Product page optimization through testing, surveys, and user behavior analytics will boost performance and increase sales.

Ecommerce stores can and do fail. But the team at Beacon Technologies has the knowledge and insight that can push your website into an unmatchable force that the online competition will envy.  Ecommerce marketing is about knowing your customers. Beacon Technologies has the superb tools and the know-how that only comes through experience to deliver maximum online sales. 

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"Many companies say they can help with SEO and site enhancement yet it's very difficult to know if they know what they're doing or not. With Beacon we knew they were specialists right from the start."

Valerie Kratky
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