Our Approach

These 3 critical questions must be answered BEFORE you can take full advantage of digital marketing. It's not as easy as you may think, but the Beacon digital marketing team will help you get these answered and put an effective strategy in place.

1. What are the goals of my website?

2. Where do I stand now with with respect to these goals?

3. What is the right strategy to meet the goals?

It all starts with a FREE Pre-Assessment to give you an idea of how your current digital strategy fares, followed by a deeper assessment to more fully understand user behavior, strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity.

Next, based on the results of the assessment, we brainstorm ideas with your marketing & business decision makers to develop a custom Digital Marketing Strategic Plan that meets your budget.  Then the strategic plan is executed and we repeat the process – assessing results, tuning the plan and adjusting the execution phase accordingly.  With this process, you will see continuous improvement in ROI and engagement as the strategy hones in on visitor behavior.

Beacon is one of a select few Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) in North America.  This has proven to be a huge benefit to our clients because of the close, active partner network.  Our clients enjoy very cost-effective lead generation and increased sales by getting high rankings and visibility in the search engines for critical business key phrases.  Couple this with ROI-focused PPC management, creative Social Media Marketing campaigns, automated feeds to the shopping engines from our ecommerce solutions, geo-targeted marketing strategies and email marketing, and you can see how a well-conceived strategy can make a significant impact.  With all the tools out there now, it really comes down to the technical and marketing minds that monitor, analyze, tune and re-tune the strategy to get the most from your marketing budget.

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"Again, I'm completely BLOWN AWAY! This is great stuff...."

Robin Staley
The Princeton Review