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Okay, we know the words on this page won't convey our creative web design capabilities. So check out our Design Portfolio to see some of our work, but we also want you to know about the processes and experience behind the work. Having worked on many, many projects for universities, government entities, small and large companies, Beacon's creative design team understands the importance of creatively delivering your message to the world. Let's face it, the creative design is usually the first factor in having a visitor ''stick'' or ''bounce''... and it only takes a few seconds.

Creative DesignDesign elements have a profound impact on trust. In fact, research indicates that visual elements have a more immediate impact on your site’s trust factor than its content. That’s right. A visitor’s trust can be adversely affected by complex layouts, small or hard to read print, poorly chosen introduction copy or ineffective branding elements.

The internet is a visual medium and in this increasingly competitive space, you have a limited amount of time to capture the visitor’s imagination and establish trust. For this reason, the creative design elements of your site are vital to its success. Beacon’s creative design team possesses both the technical proficiency and creative talent necessary to take your vision from concept to reality - on time and under budget. After an initial consultation, our creative design team will keep you abreast of developments throughout the entire creative process as we work with you to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations.

Depending on the level of creativity you desire and the size of your website (budget too), Beacon’s creative design services team offers a variety of options for the design of your website. We offer a template-based design for low-budget sites, but most all of our clients want a custom site that sets them apart. For our custom design projects, we create a set of graphical mockups that will help you visualize all the critical pages of your website.  We also plan for multiple design-review iterations so you can get exactly what you envision.

Working with Beacon presents several distinct advantages over working with other website development and marketing agencies. We are much more than a creative design company. Beacon is a full-service agency specializing in creative and technical solutions. Leveraging the extensive experience of our digital marketing, development, and hosting solutions teams, you can rest assured. All the necessary elements that contribute to your online visibility – design, usability, SEO, branding and hosting solutions – have been addressed. You’re ready to hit the ground running.

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