Conversion Rate Optimization

What would it mean, in terms of revenue, if you could increase your conversion rate by a half percent, or even 1 percent?

Converstion Rate OptimizationSimply put, Conversion Optimization is the process of getting more from your online customers by continuously making it more intuitive for them to checkout, complete a form or reach a certain page on your website. A very small increase in the conversion rate can produce tremendous increases in revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization is valuable for any type of website and there are many different approaches. Over the years, Beacon has tested conversion rates for different page layouts, alternate content, button designs, and color utilization through split A/B testing or multivariate testing without making them permanent.

Beacon also assesses website design & usability with respect to the navigation, calls to action, checkout process, image utilization and much more. Simple changes to the navigation may get visitors to the conversion point quicker. The location of calls to action are critical for engagement. Tweaking the checkout process to reduce abandonment is always a good practice and the proper use of images plays a big role in gaining visitor confidence.

You can increase profitability by spending more money on paid advertising. But pay-per-click is getting increasingly competitive – and more and more expensive. No matter how well your website is built, there is always room for improvement. Get more for less, increase your ROI and realize your website’s full potential through the use of cost effective conversion rate optimization with Beacon.

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Conversion Optimization Process

Analysis & Design

Our team of experts conducts brainstorming sessions to identify areas of your site where usability improvements might do a better job of persuading visitors to perform certain actions that result in conversions. The brainstorming results are transformed into multiple professional designs used for split A/B testing and multivariate testing.

Development & Testing

Each experiment is unique and presents new challenges and opportunities to improve the performance of your website. Our development team utilizes software development life-cycle standards to introduce new features and functionality to your website through conversion rate optimization experiments. Each experiment undergoes extensive quality testing before being implemented into your live site.

Tracking & Stats

Your experiment is running. Now what? Our digital marketing team tracks the performance of each conversion optimization experiment and regularly communicates progress and status with you. Our team analyzes all statistics and converts them into plain English so you can easily track which variation of an experiment is motivating visitors the most.

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