Cascade CMS

Developed by Hannon Hill, Cascade CMS is being used by nearly 200 colleges and universities and is the most trusted web content management system for higher education website development. It is also used extensively in healthcare, government, technology and most of our small business clients.

As a long-time partner of Hannon Hill, Beacon was authorized to make this industrial-strength CMS available to small businesses through a shared licensing program. Mark Dirks, Beacon's CEO, says, ''This arrangement was important because smaller businesses are always pressed for time. They need a best-in-class CMS just as much as larger businesses, maybe more, and it needs to be affordable for them. We have been providing this option for over 7 years and I'm glad we were able to make this happen.''

With over 70 Cascade CMS sites under its belt, Beacon is a legitimate expert and trusted partner to Hannon Hill. 

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"We are extremely happy with Beacon's strong customer service orientation, very knowledgeable technical support, as well as tactical and strategic advice that keep our web site design, hardware and software up-to-date"

Paul Kissman
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners