Cascade CMS Developer

Beacon Technologies has been a Cascade CMS developer for over seven years.  Countless universities, ecommerce sites, utility companies, financial institutions and non-profits have seen the value of Cascade CMS's content management system to power their online business. Beacon has many trained and professional developers who can develop your site from the ground up or customize your existing site to gain even more exposure. 

Why Cascade CMS Development?

Cascade CMS offers comprehensive tools for tech-savvy and non-tech savvy users alike so CMS developers can accomplish their daily tasks. Having a skilled developer can be extremely helpful for your business because the content management system is robust and powerful, and at the same time difficult for novices to digest in a time crunch.

It is easy to get started with the Cascade CMS web content management system and even easier to reach out to Beacon for developer assistance.  Highly responsive and knowledgeable, our developers can provide troubleshooting to web content managers on any number of issues. Our highly-trained development team provides webinars, teleconferences, in-person meetings and trainings to all of our Cascade clients to make sure the appropriate knowledge has been transferred. With over 70 Cascade CMS sites in production, Beacon is a legitimate expert developer and trusted partner to Hannon Hill. 

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"We are extremely happy with Beacon's strong customer service orientation, very knowledgeable technical support, as well as tactical and strategic advice that keep our web site design, hardware and software up-to-date"

Paul Kissman
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners