How To Preserve and Archive Your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Myspace Profiles

In this day and age nearly everyone has a digital footprint of some sort on Twitter, Facebook, Google,  or even the more old school such as Myspace. All of that data, perhaps much to our chagrin, is floating out there for nearly anyone including you to access whenever and wherever you prefer. So how do [...] read more »

Richard Rossi

The (Social) Medium is the Message

Over 50 years ago, Marshall McLuhan studied the media as a way of understanding society and why we live the way we do. A professor of English at the University of Toronto, he put forth the idea that the media is simply and extension of man’s central nervous system and that radio and TV are [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Engaging Users in Social Media

Almost every site uses some type of social media to help their brand awareness and what they are trying to achieve with a large audience. The most popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube can help boost your ranking and audience if integrated properly. One way to achieve engagement of [...] read more »


How to Override the Max Width of Twitters Embeddable Timeline Widget

According to twitters instructions the embeddable timeline widget has a maximum width of 520px. If you need your widget to be wider than 520px you will not be able to use the width attribute. Instead you will need to override it using custom CSS.


Social Media Best Practices

Now that we have been practicing for some time, we are aware of good (and, bad) ways to employ social media. Opinions will vary about the “best of the best”. That is the beauty of the web, it always changes. From a book summary I read on social media, here are some of the best [...] read more »


Using the Free Vector Based Social Media Icon Set as a Source File

After my last blog Free Social Media Vector Icon Set I received some feedback not understanding why I did it.  Saying you can go to places like Icon Finder and find all you need there.  Icon Finder and many other sites do have a great selection that I do use often but sometimes its hard [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Demographics for Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter

Here”s an interesting Infograph I came across and wanted to share! What do you think of these stats? Is it what you thought or are they completely opposite of what you were thinking? (Infograph Courtesy of: )


Information on New Twitter Brand Pages

At the beginning of this year Twitter released a big redesign that incorporates a simpler look and feel that pays special attention to the Connect, Discover, Me, and Home sections.  At the same time that they made their site more aesthetically pleasing, they also released brand pages for companies to utilize. Currently, Twitter is only [...] read more »

Beacon News

Starting Now! #AskBT – Submit Your Questions to Our Experts

Here at Beacon, we strive to make our clients and prospective clients feel like we are here to help. We want everyone to feel like we are all part of the same team and we all are working towards the same goal. We know that Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Development are areas [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Join the Conversation, Socialize!

Who loves Twitter and Facebook? We do! If you aren’t already following us on twitter then check us out @beacontec! If you are, then talk to us! We love chatting with others;  whether its sharing information or just getting feedback!  We’ve met some really great tweeps and look forward to meeting and talking with many [...] read more »