Jordan Lowry

How to Identify Stolen Content and Take Action!

Imagine you and your team have worked hard to research, brainstorm, and produce stellar content. Next, you and your team of super marketers create viral or buzz-worthy content and much to your dismay you notice it has been stolen. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of unscrupulous digital marketers and “SEO” specialists on the web who [...] read more »

Logan Ray

How-To: Robots.txt Disaster Prevention

It’s any SEO‘s worst nightmare. The Production robots file got overwritten with the Test version. Now all your pages have been ‘disallowed’ and are dropping out of the index. And to make it worse, you didn’t notice it immediately, because how would you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent robots.txt file disasters? Or  [...] read more »

Logan Ray

How to Properly Handle Pagination for SEO [Free Tool Included]

Let’s start out by defining what I mean by ‘pagination’. This mostly applies to ecommerce sites where there are multiple pages of products in a given category, but it can occasionally be seen on lead-gen sites as well. Here’s an example of what this might look like: (pages 3 & [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Should I Use Canonicals or 301 Redirects?

Should you 301 redirect that page to another, or should you use a rel=canonical tag? There are tons of reason why you might have some redundancy on your site. If it’s an eCommerce site, you’re probably displaying product listing pages a few different ways (sort by price, color, rating, etc.), or you might have navigation [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

A Man Wrote Content To Get Clicks…What Google Did Next Will Blow Your Mind

I’m sure by now most of you have seen, clicked, heard about and even hidden clickbait articles from your social feeds, emails and search results. The prevalence of articles that use emotion, sex, animals, quizzes and worst of all, tragedy, to get clicks has prompted search engines and social networks to crack down and even [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Top 6 SEO Tools I Use on a Regular Basis

  Every SEO person has their own set of tools they use to help improve their sites and monitor what’s happening with their sites. Here’s a list of my favorite SEO Tools that I use on a monthly basis.   Moz Pro I like using Moz Pro because it offers so much information in [...] read more »

Jeff Pickle

How does Google use click through rates?

Google Avoids the Question Although click-through rates are  believed to be a signal, Google has never directly said that click-through-rates are utilized for the purpose of search rankings.  Google has been rather obtuse about the subject. “In the context of organic search results, your click through rate is how often people click on your site [...] read more »


SEO Benefits of a Responsive Web Design

First there were your basic company websites.  Then more and more users began to access these sites on their mobile devices and the usability was horrible.  The logical solution was to serve up two different sites (your main site and a new mobile friendly site).  However, things have rapidly continued to get more complex for [...] read more »

Richard Rossi

Starting my 12 Step program to WordPress Plug-In Recovery

Like it or not, Hollywood has a tremendous influence over the way we think. It affects the products we buy and the candidates we elect. Look at how many sites deal with the topic of celebrities. Whether you’re an actor or a blogger, if Hollywood has taught us anything its that there are three key [...] read more »

Austin F

Why Analytics is Critical to Your Success

Even as a child, I loved measuring things: shoe sizes, my height, the volume of non-regular polyhedroid solids—you name it! That’s why I get so stoked about Web Analytics…or maybe it’s the third cup of Joe I’m currently downing. Either way, they’re critical to your business success, analytics I mean. You need to have some [...] read more »