Search Engine Optimization

Jeff Pickle

How does Google use click through rates?

Google Avoids the Question Although click-through rates are  believed to be a signal, Google has never directly said that click-through-rates are utilized for the purpose of search rankings.  Google has been rather obtuse about the subject. “In the context of organic search results, your click through rate is how often people click on your site [...] read more »


How to Turn Prospects into Customers

No one ever said it would be easy, and not every company has the ability to convert a first time visitor into an immediate customer.  Many businesses must nurture their web visitors to make them become prospects, so that later they can be trusted and appreciated enough for a web conversion to occur.  And then, [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Why Using Google Analytics is Important

Analytics are great and very important for helping get your site a better ranking and being recognized. It’s also great for seeing what people are most interested on your site. Understanding the gathered information can help guide what’s most important on your site to fit the customer or client needs and maximize your site to [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

Beacon Alert: Google’s Penguin Update To Affect 2.3% of U.S. Searches

Over the past few days, Google has rolled out its latest search algorithm update…Penguin 2.0. Google has said on numerous occasions that search engine optimization can be positive and constructive by making pages more accessible and easier to find. However, many sites have been using ‘webspam’ techniques to have their pages rank higher without providing [...] read more »

Richard Rossi

Starting my 12 Step program to WordPress Plug-In Recovery

Like it or not, Hollywood has a tremendous influence over the way we think. It affects the products we buy and the candidates we elect. Look at how many sites deal with the topic of celebrities. Whether you’re an actor or a blogger, if Hollywood has taught us anything its that there are three key [...] read more »


How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

Most companies are in business to make money.  They spend lots of time and funds to create a highly efficient eCommerce website, and then focus on the big picture to create revenue.  However, while focusing on the big picture you should always remember that it’s the small stuff – the little details – that can make or [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

The Benefits of Site Search

Have you ever searched for something online, clicked a link to a promising website and then you land on a webpage that doesn’t answer your questions? Have you ever navigated to a site that you know had good information but can’t find it through the site’s navigation? Filtering through modern websites can be a hassle [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

9 Point SEO Checklist for Brand New Websites

Here is a checklist I put together for you to use when your setting up a brand new site. The checklist covers 9 things that will help with you with Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. <div align=”center”><a href=”” title=”9 Point SEO Checklist for Brand New Websites”><img src=”” alt=”9 Point SEO Checklist for Brand New Websites” [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

Getting Google Authorship: A How-To & Advantages Of Being An Author

Everyone wants to leave their mark on the web, get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Most people are on social media, have a personal blog or work with an organization where they publish content they want others to read. Google offers a way for online writers and publishers to get noticed and literally [...] read more »

Richard Rossi

3 Ways You Can Lift Up Your Company’s Local SEO

Sitting in rush hour traffic gives one time to think – sometimes, too much time. We’ve all heard the reasons why small business websites cannot compete with the big brands. We don’t have the huge marketing budgets nor the brand recognition. Big brands dominate the short-tail phrases that generate the bulk of the search volume. [...] read more »