Google Analytics

Ashley Agee

How to Track Adwords Sitelink Extensions

Do you use sitelink extensions in your Google Adwords Account? If so, how do you track how they are doing in Google Analytics? Did you know they are not automatically tagged like ads are and therefore in order to see their performance in GA, you have to do a couple things different with them? Here are the [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Why Should I Put UTM Tags on 301 Redirects?

So you probably just did a search for something like ‘Why Should I Put UTM Tags on 301 Redirects?’ Awesome, you’re being proactive and realized that you’re missing out on data and attribution. This is a practice I’ve been using for about a year now, there are many applications for tagging redirect URLs with UTMs and [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Avoiding Google Analytics Tracking Issues

I love that Google Analytics provides out-of-the-box tracking code when setting up a new property. It helps marketers plug & play for a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, this convenient feature can give you the false sense of reliable data. Just because data is populating your Google Analytics reports does not mean that the data is accurate [...] read more »

Andrea Cole

Basic Google Analytics Setup Checklist: A PDF Document

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking your digital marketing performance. So powerful and versatile, in fact, that knowing the main important things to focus on during a basic setup can be challenging. And doing a search for “basic GA setup” yields pages of basic setup “checklists” that are more guides than lists. Well, [...] read more »

Liz Pagano

Google AdWords Upgraded URLs: A Quick Guide

In February, Google announced a major change to how landing page URLs will be managed in AdWords. If you manually tag your URLs, listen up! Old Way:             Landing Page URL + Tracking Parameters = Destination URL. Since your tracking code and landing page URL are combined, any change in tracking code sends your ad [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

How to Check Goal Conversions are Set Up Correctly in GA

I absolutely love that Google Analytics has the Real-Time Reporting section that allows you to see many different options in “real time.” Now, when you are testing out new goals you’ve set up, to make sure they show up correctly in GA, you don’t have to wait a few hours to see the data. It [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

RETAILERS: How will your online marketing impact in-store sales this holiday shopping season?

Install GAFUSIONTM and you’ll know.  It’s very simple and affordable to setup with absolutely no long-term obligation.  No fees until you see the results after the holidays.  But it’s extremely important to install it soon. Before we know it, digital marketing campaigns for the holiday season will be in full swing. Of course they will [...] read more »

Beacon News

GAFUSION™ for Higher Education

“Finally!  Colleges and Universities can now tie student applications and enrollment data back to online activity with Beacon’s GAFUSION™.  Watch our short 4 minute video to learn how to centralize all this information under Google Analytics to better support your marketing strategy.” Want more information about GAFUSION™ for Higher Education? GAFUSION™ for .EDU Getting Started [...] read more »


Salesforce Google Analytics Integration: GAFUSION

GAFUSION is the best Salesforce Google Analytics integration product available. And here is why. There are a couple of products and methods for “integrating” Salesforce and Google Analytics but none of them provide the full level of automation, insights, reporting capabilities, and ease of implementation as GAFUSION. This is because GAFUSION acts as the matching [...] read more »

Jeff Pickle

Google Analytics Business Intelligence

  Your current analytics is limited. We find insights from the things that you don’t know about. You’re worried about tomorrow. We can help you see the most interesting things about the data that involves your business. Keeping track of what visitors do and buy is interesting and the right thing to do. But you [...] read more »