Tiffany May is a Web Developer and has been with Beacon since 2009. She discovered her passion for Web Development while editing Myspace Profiles in 2005. She then earned her A.A.S in Web Technologies from GTCC; graduating with Honors in 2008. Connect with Tiffany on Google+

Placeholder Images – The easy button

Ever hate having to find various stock or other imagery to fill in example image placeholders in earlier design/development stages? The easy button has arrived! – No more saving and moving and uploading. In fact if the size changes you will never even open up image editing software! All you have to do [...] read more »

More Free Social Vector Icons! (flat icon set)

This is a new set to go along with: Free Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5 and CSS3 Vector Logos Free Social Media Vector Icon Set You can download this set by right clicking on the below preview and using ‘Save Image As’. This icon set includes the following flat icons: Khan Academy Aim Quora Kickstarter [...] read more »

Free Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5 and CSS3 Vector Logos in PSD, AI and PNG Formats

I was working on my personal website over the weekend and decided I wanted to use the HTML5 and CSS3 logos within my portfolio. When I went to do this I realized I had no visual way to display Responsive Web Design. I searched and couldn’t find any official RWD logos or a version that [...] read more »

How to Clear Input Field on Click JavaScript

A walk through of an improvement to a small script that clears the search box input field on focus and returns it to it’s default value if left empty

How to Override the Max Width of Twitters Embeddable Timeline Widget

According to twitters instructions the embeddable timeline widget has a maximum width of 520px. If you need your widget to be wider than 520px you will not be able to use the width attribute. Instead you will need to override it using custom CSS.

How to Pull WordPress Posts into External Website

I’m sure there are many ways to pull WordPress posts into an external website but here I would like to offer up a simple custom XML solution. No matter what back-end/server-side technology being used (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby, Perl etc.) on the non-WordPress site, most will offer up a way to parse external XML.

Goodreads grid widget broken

Have you been trying to use Goodreads Grid Widget and not able to get it to work? Are you copy/pasting the code and not getting anything but the no script version of the grid with a } at the end of it? If so I was having the same problem and I wasn’t able to [...] read more »

Using the Free Social Media Vector Icon Set as a Source File for Other Icon Sets

Here a few examples of what you can do with just the fireworks png (un-flattened) vector file from my blog Free Social Media Vector Icon Set.  Please note these are mainly to showcase using the file as a source file for icon sets and the different levels of customization that could happen. Feel free to [...] read more »

Free Social Media Vector Icon Set (including pinterest and google plus!)

First I would like to say I am a Web Developer here at Beacon so Design is not my specialty. However, I’ve gradually been getting annoyed by the round corners that are on most social icons. I think there is always the ‘too much’ factor and for me I’ve been given too much round icons. [...] read more »

Development Soundtrack

As a developer I like to listen to music while I am working. I’m sure this goes for many people across professions so I wanted to introduce everyone to something I was recently introduced to, Spotify.  As a quick summary Spotify is like having an iTunes stocked with anything you’re in the mood for.  You [...] read more »