Thomas Brinegar joined the Beacon Team as a summer intern in the Software Development group. Thomas stayed on once the school year started to help with our many new projects. He comes to us from High Point University and works on content development.

Chrome – Now more popular and powerful than IE

StatCounter shows that within the past few days Chrome has become the more popular browser on the web. In the past year, Chrome has become more popular than both Firefox and IE. Chrome now ranks just under half a percent higher than Internet Explorer.  Both IE and Chrome tend to compete against each other for weekend [...] read more »

Responsive Web Toolkit

I have been getting familiar with responsive web design over recent weeks and have put together a list of resources I have found helpful when both developing and testing responsive layouts. HTML5 BOILERPLATE I recommend the HTML5 BoilerPlate  as a starting point.  Now in version 3, the H5BP sets the stage for a responsive site [...] read more »


When putting a template together or marking up a web page, I persistently save, change to my browser, refresh–and evaluate the last few edits, and then swap back to my editor.  It would be really (really!) nice if the browser just updated automatically, and I just needed to glance at a monitor as development progressed.  [...] read more »

TileMill MapBox

When developing a “contact” or “about” pages, it is common to use a Google Map box or an aerial image of an area.  After researching some of the APIs and applications available for web-based map tools, I came across an excellent cartography tool: TileMill MapBox. The site claims if you can write CSS, you will [...] read more »

Mozilla Firefox 10

Mozilla moved to version 4 from 3.6 almost a year ago on March 22, 2011. Not even a year has passed and just a few days ago, Mozilla has released its 2 digit browser version. This version is intended to make updates and extension management easier on the end-user. Version 3.6 will lose support in [...] read more »

Email Management with Adobe Acrobat

A while back, John Scaramuzzo came around the office asking employees to clear out any e-mails we could afford to lose in Outlook.  When disk space is low, it can be difficult and time consuming to filter through thousands of e-mails determining what to keep and what not to keep. Using a feature of Adobe [...] read more »

Developing jQuery Plug-ins

I dug around the web today for tutorials on making personalized jQuery plug-ins.  A plug-in is much more easily deployed onto a site than customized code, which may require editing or customization between sites.  Using a plugin, we have a much simpler means of calling a script using common syntax:  $(‘something’).doThis(); In the past, I’ve [...] read more »

jQuery’s Animate Method

The jQuery library has a collection of methods built for animating and manipulating the DOM.  These effects implement styling changes to produce transitions like fading or element movement.  The full list of methods are available on the jQuery website. jQuery also contains a nifty method, animate.  Animate allows you to make a timed transition from [...] read more »

Custom Fonts in Internet Explorer 9

During recent projects, integrating fonts for the right look and feel has shown to be troublesome for Internet Explorer. After implementing a font file into a CSS file, Internet Explorer 9 would provide the following error and not show the embedded font: CSS3114 @font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable. This error [...] read more »

Category Controlled WordPress Feed in Cascade

One of our recent enhancements to the Beacon website included integrating components of our blog into the content of the site. This is visible on the homepage under the “Blog” tab and shows the three most recent postings on our WordPress blog. Additionally, we decided to include links to recent blog links by categories or [...] read more »