Stephanie Baubie is the joined the Beacon team in August, 2010. She is a Project Manager with over 20 years of IT and Web Marketing experience. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

5 New Management Metrics

I saw this article on about new ways to manage. I agree with each and have used several of these metrics. To read the full article, use the link provided. My comments on each metric are included below. While it is a catchy title, I don’t think managers need to know these to be [...] read more »

Social Media Best Practices

Now that we have been practicing for some time, we are aware of good (and, bad) ways to employ social media. Opinions will vary about the “best of the best”. That is the beauty of the web, it always changes. From a book summary I read on social media, here are some of the best [...] read more »

5 YouTube Maxims to Get, and Stay Viral

A short time ago, YouTube urged us to “Broadcast Yourself”. Well, they don’t have to tell us anymore. Consider that 4 Billion videos are viewed every day.* With all that content being uploaded and viewed, our video habits on YouTube provide interesting ways to get visible. More importantly, it also defines how to stay visible. [...] read more »

Solving Problems — Puzzle vs. Mystery

Information workers are used to solving problems. Approaches can vary to determine a viable solution and can be bound by many constraints. Resources, budget, and timing are among typical real world constraints. I read a column from the author and New Yorker columnist, Malcolm Gladwell, that talks about problem solving. Essentially, they can be thought [...] read more »

Risks and Black Swans

Whatever we do, we deal with risks. Despite our best laid plans and intentions, there are always those uncertain and unwanted events that happen which are beyond our control. In previous posts, I have talked about risks on projects. This post deals more with risk behavior. Risk management (or, risk tolerance) covers the spectrum from [...] read more »

Clear(ly) it’s time to say bye-bye to buttons

Reblogged from GigaOM: With its new iOS app, Clear, Realmac Software has taken the “less is more” axiom to its ultimate conclusion. The Clear app puts a new spin on the common to-do list by enriching it with a playful perception of depth, dynamic transitions and crisp audio feedback, all wrapped under a minimalistic visual language and [...] read more »

Risk Assessment and Projects

Behavioral studies prove we have a natural tendency to avoid risk. I want to refer again to Malcolm Gladwell and present the following scenario. You have $300.00 and are presented with 2 choices. • A) You can receive another $100.00 or • B) Toss a coin and if you win, you get $200.00. If you [...] read more »

Disaster Recovery Plans

When was the last time your disaster recovery (DR) plan was revised? A viable DR plan may be what saves your business. Having a DR plan is a bit like an insurance policy. You don’t want to use it but are glad to have one when you need it. If you have a current DR plan, [...] read more »

Cycles and Phases

In a recent book review I read, the author proposed that the Big Bang might be cyclical. The premise is that given enough time, everything in the universe starts over again. That is a long cycle for sure. We have some time before the cycle is complete and begins again. Until then, the universe will [...] read more »

Future of Facebook

One thing I’ve noticed with trends and fads is that looking back on them, we usually say “What were we thinking?” With the passage of enough time, it can be difficult to remember what motivated us at the time. The reason(s) why something that was so important changed into the commonplace and then, a drudgery [...] read more »