Annette Fowler

Annette Fowler
Annette Fowler is a project manager and business analyst at Beacon that specializes in ecommerce. She joined the team in 2007 and has nearly twenty years of IT experience. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and is a black belt in tae kwon do. Connect with Annette on Google+

AspDotNetStorefront 9.5 – Exploring the new release

I recently had the opportunity to set up a brand new eCommerce store with AspDotNetStorefront Version 9.5 (released in January 2015) and have the following review. Please note that some of these features may have been available in versions before 9.5, but they were new to me. Stuff that I like (love?) Admin site user interface- Just WOW! [...] read more »

Cascade Server Help and Training Resources

Those that have worked with Beacon Technologies on Cascade Server projects know that our experienced staff is available for “as needed” content management help through our Preferred Client Services department as well as for customized training sessions and user manuals specific to the site designed for your organization. However, did you know that Hannon Hill, [...] read more »

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Your Higher Ed Website Redesign

After recent experience with several higher education website redesigns, I’ve come up with a list of the top ten ways that you, as a higher education client, can prepare for an upcoming website redesign project.  Though these items aren’t technically required right at the beginning of a redesign project, they are all eventually needed and the [...] read more »

Grossmont and Cuyamaca Community College websites launched!

Beacon is proud to announce the launch of two very large Cascade server website redesign projects: Grossmont College - Cuyamaca College - The design for each of these sites was provided by a third party vendor and Beacon was responsible for the creation of a responsive design based on that layout, implementation into Cascade Server [...] read more »

Table accessibility information in Cascade WYSIWYG editor

I was recently asked the following question by a Cascade Server client: How do I set a table row as a header and implement column/row scope using the WYSIWYG editor in Cascade (without having to use the HTML editor)? The answer is as follows: Table Header:  To create a table header for accessibility purposes, after [...] read more »

University of Hartford Redesign Launched!

Beacon Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a large redesign project for the University of Hartford at With this project, Beacon assisted Hartford with giving the 30,000 page Cascade-based website a “revamp” using designs provided by a third party graphic design firm. In addition to the visual update, the redesign provided some [...] read more »

Motivating Your Team

I couldn’t agree with this article (Random Acts of Recognition – Motivating your Team Regularly) more and am going to try very hard to implement some of these ideas with my team at Beacon.  In our shop, food is always a great motivator and a way to celebrate a project success, but I like the [...] read more »

Thoughts from a Remote Office – Year Four

I was shocked to realize that as of January of this year, I’d worked remotely for Beacon Technologies from my home in Denver, CO, longer than I worked in the corporate offices in Greensboro, NC (three and a half years).  That being the case, I thought it was high time for me to revisit my [...] read more »

Another Nextopia integration project completed

Beacon is proud to announce the completion of another successful integration project with our first-class partners at Nextopia. With Beacon’s development assistance, Nextopia’s premier search and navigation products have been integrated on the Tufenkian Outlet and Tufenkian Carpets websites.   With this project, Tufenkian’s AspDotNetstorefront ecommerce store and back-end administration were merged with the powerful search and [...] read more »

A High School Senior’s Advice for University Websites

It feels like my high school senior and I have digested hundreds of university websites in the last two years in the quest to find her “perfect school”. She’s finally settled on one (GO WILDCATS!) and with that decision made, I recently asked her suggestion on a university website feature that really was helpful or [...] read more »