SonicWALL Hidden Features and Configuration Options

Est. Reading Time: 10 minutes

Earlier I stumbled across a hidden set of features and settings in a TZ215 by going to /diag.html and figured Id share this with everyone in case you were unaware of it as I was.  It appears to be available in all of the TZ series devices, the SOHO, and likely others.  On the main page you will see the following disclaimer.

Under Internal Settings there are quite a few settings and options.  Some more useful than others.  For me the option I needed was “Disable Port Scan Detection” under the Firewall section.  Below is a rough list of some of the options.  Keep in mind these options are undocumented, unsupported, and it is suggested to only make changes to these values if instructed by Dell Technical Support.  Enjoy!

Trace Log:

ARP Settings:

Routing and Network Settings:

DHCP Settings:

VoIP Settings:

VPN Settings:

Encryption Settings:

DP stack Settings:

Firewall Settings:

Security Services Settings:

DPI-SSL settings:

High Availability Settings:

PPPOE Settings:

Dial-Up Settings:

Management Settings:

User Authentication Settings:

Diagnostics Settings:

Watchdog Settings:

IPHelper Settings:

Wireless Settings:

Tooltip Settings:

Preferences Conversion:

Anti-Spam Service:

Email System Detection:

TZ Default Port Assignment:

Remote Assistance:

SSLVPN Settings:

WAN Acceleration Settings:

Backend Server Communication:

Log Settings:

IPv6 Settings:

ICMP Settings:

Debug Option: