Logan Ray

Case Study: International Furniture Company Leverages Pinterest to Increase ROI

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Generating Web Traffic and Revenue through New Social Bookmarking Platform, Pinterest.

Challenge: Along with companies investing in more traditional web
marketing activities like SEO, PPC and conversion optimization, Social
Media has become a major component to the overall marketing
strategy . Beacon Technologies began social media efforts for an
International Furniture Retailer in early 2010. As new social networks
emerge, Beacon researches opportunities and provides discovery, insights, and feedback . Pinterest is a new player in the world of social
media and was a perfect fit for

  • Client Facts:
  • Online retailer of healthcare
    products incorporated in 1997
  • >$13.2M Annual Revenue 2012
  • Goals:
  • Increase brand visibility online
    by expanding client’s social media
  • Increase the number of unique
    websites linking to the site
  • Results:
  • Added +200 external links leading
    to client’s website within 60 days
    of its release, including unique
    “C” blocks and social media shares.
  • Increased Social Media referral
    traffic by more than 6%


Business Solution: In response to the client’s problem,
Beacon created an info-graphic, a piece of visually entertaining
content that conveys industry relevant information, which
encourages the sharing of information by other bloggers and
social media users. Once shared by a visitor through use of an
embed code placed immediately underneath the image, a link
is placed to the client’s website.

Beacon wrote entertaining copy, created an enticing image,
and began promoting the image through various means
including social media, newsletter subscriber list, and
info-graphic directories.

Results: “C” blocks returned, doubling from 220 to 440 in
only 60 days! Total links increased by over 20,000 and
external “followed” links increased by 30,000.

Not only did these info-graphics help replenish links lost
through attrition; they were often shared on social media
platforms, helping to boost brand awareness and reinforce
our client as a thought leader in his industry.

When comparing the 60 days before and after the release
of the info-graphic, visits from social media sites increased
by 6.02%, visits via social referral improved by 5.47%, and
conversions from social media sources improved 3.37%.