Case Study: Online Ecommerce Site Doubles Lead Capture and Conversion Rate

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

Looking for an Effective Strategy to Capture Leads, An Online Retailer of Niche Products Looks to Beacon to Generate New Business Opportunities.

Challenge: Our client, a healthcare product online retailer,

was seeing an erosion of their back link portfolio. They were

losing links to their site through attrition as normally is the

case with any website. However, they were struggling to

replace these with other high authority and/or relevant

links. Domain authority and traffic were suffering as a result.

The links that were most responsible for website authority,

those coming from sites hosted on an original “C” block,

had dropped dramatically from 580 links to only 220.


Business Solution: In order to emphasize the benefits of

the sign-up feature to visitors and give lead generation a

jolt, Beacon chose to install a light box, a small box that

appears over the current active page as a screen overlay,

such that the visitor can still see the webpage underneath.

The center of the light box image contained a distinct

banner offering a discounted price in exchange for the

visitor’s email address. Once the visitor provided their

address and submitted the form, the site’s database

recorded the email address for later use and returned the

visitor to the website for further browsing.

Should the visitor wish to skip the offer, the visitor could

easily proceed to the website’s visible page below, ensuring

that any traffic that could potentially generate sales would

not be turned away.

Results: The client saw a 238% increase in email capture

and a 272% increase in conversion rate (from .59% to 2.19%)

with no adverse effects to the website’s average user visit

duration, average time on the website, and the number of

total pages viewed per visit.