Case Study: Furniture Company Increases Engagement Through Conversion Optimization

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Multivariate Testing gives catalog request landing page a boost.

Challenge:  Landing pages containing conversion points should be

tested periodically to make sure they are as efficient as possible. Small

things like color, placement, or image size can make a surprisingly

large difference in engagement levels and conversion rates. The client

wanted to test their catalog request landing page since users who

requested a catalog proved to be 70% more likely to purchase.


Business Solution: Using conversion optimization software, Beacon

set up three tests to run against the original landing page. One version

added a color background, another used a bulleted list of catalog

features instead of the original paragraph, and the third version had

larger images of the catalogs. Each version was created and shown to

an equal percentage of site visitors, while engagement levels and

catalog requests were tracked.

Results: Once each variation, including the original, were shown to nearly

5,000 visitors each and confidence levels were high enough, we found

that a colored background caused the highest increase in engagement

and catalog requests. The background color was added to the site.