Logan Ray

Case Study: Traditional Furniture Company Builds Momentum through Social Media

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Twitter Link Building Campaign and Facebook Giveaway Engages Fans, Builds Positive Brand Image, and Increases Site Links.

Challenge:  Along with companies investing in more traditional web
marketing activities like SEO, PPC and conversion optimization, Social
Media has become a major component to marketing strategy as a
whole. Beacon Technologies began social media efforts for an
International Furniture Retailer in early 2010. There were growing
expectations for how to measure the return on such investments and
to increase that return. The desired return in this case was customer
engagement, positive brand image and SEO benefits like link building
and driving traffic to the client website.

  • Client Facts:
  • International Furniture Retailer
  • >$200M Net Sales 2010
  • Goals:
  • Increase website traffic
  • Raise conversion rates
  • Generate Revenue
  • Attract more Facebook “Likes”
    and Twitter Followers
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Revitalize brand image
  • Increase number of indexed links
  • Results:
  • +67.3% increase in Facebook “Likes”
  • +16% Increase in Twitter Followers
  • +52% entry rate for Facebook
  • +8.1% Increase in eCommerce
    conversion rate from referral traffic
    compared to same time period
    last year
  • +16.4% increase in referring traffic
    to client website compared to same
    time previous year
  • Referring traffic had a +38.55%
    higher conversion rate than the
    same time period last year
  • Over 600 links and 10,000 indexed
    pages generated


Business Solution: In order to acheive success in multiple channels
and hit our return goals, Beacon formulated simultaneous promotions
for Facebook and Twitter to coincide with the launch of a new product.
In addition, the frequency and level of customer engagement were
greatly increased in order to spread the word and create enough
interesting content to entice people to stay connected to the client
even after the promotions had ended. Due to Facebook promotion
restrictions and the social network’s inability to have status updates
and links indexed in Google, Beacon chose to hold a more involved link
building campaign on Twitter and have a simple product sweepstakes
on Facebook. These efforts were promoted on social networks and the
client website. Client provided no budget for paid advertising.

Twitter: Beacon provided legal copy for the promotion then used
tweets, a promotion-specific Twitter background, Facebook status
updates, and a Facebook tab to advertise the promotion. One item was
given away once a week for five weeks. Clues were tweeted about the
weekly item and followers had to visit the client website, try to guess
the item, then tweet the link to the item along with the hashtag for the
promotion. A winner was selected at random from all correct guesses at
the end of each week.

Facebook: Beacon created a simple sweepstakes on Facebook to
promote a new product launch and to keep Facebook fans engaged
while the focus was on Twitter. This cross-promotion maximized
network exposure.

Results: Beacon provided a significant positive return from the above
social media efforts. Combining a stimulating promotion where visitors
could participate and share for a greater number of smaller prizes with
one large exciting giveaway, and increasing good social content,
resulted in positive gains across the board. Please see campaign results
to the left for specific numbers.