Shopping Feed Optimization

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Through Google Partners, Google is gearing up for the holidays by promoting their biggest money maker Google Adwords.

With Google Shopping Campaigns, Google is in a very good position to come to the forefront of online shopping.

In fact, Google’s Eric Schmidt very recently stated that:

Really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon


Image courtesy of Charis Tsevis

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Google Express is getting ready to set forth.

Right now, Google is going on a hiring spree and gearing up to parachute behind enemy lines and prepare for a full on-scale attack on Amazon.

Instead of relying on nationwide warehouses like Amazon, Google is teaming up with retailers to deliver product to your door.


Barnes & Noble is on board with it.


Now, you see where the future is headed, you can imagine how this paradigm shift will affect your business.

When Google takes over the reins from Amazon, Google Shopping Campaigns are where you will want to be.

You will need to optimize and manage your Google Shopping feeds effectively.


To do so, remember the importance of being classified.

Use the most specific category possible. Being specific will help improve your data quality and in turn ensures that offers are presented in the right category.”

In fact, there is a page espousing how “it is essential to provide high-quality data”.

Over time, Google seeks to improve upon classifying the products.


The taxonomy is updated every 3 months.”


You will need to periodically check to see if there have been any changes to the Google product taxonomy so that you may update your feed.

Google needs this classification to help determine the topical relevance of your products and user search queries. A better match means that Google “can show users products which are most relevant to search queries”. Although your products may not have the highest bids within your Shopping Adwords campaign, you may have the more accurate product information and Google wants relevancy more than anything else.

Classifying your product feeds for optimal performance are just one thing that we do exceptionally well.

Be ready for the future of ecommerce. Contact us to find out more about the other factors that will optimize your Google product shopping feeds.