Top 6 SEO Tools I Use on a Regular Basis

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Every SEO person has their own set of tools they use to help improve their sites and monitor what’s happening with their sites. Here’s a list of my favorite SEO Tools that I use on a monthly basis.


Moz Pro

I like using Moz Pro because it offers so much information in one place. You can pull up your backlink profile, check for duplicate content issues, see crawl errors with the site, keep up with keyword rankings and so much more.

This is a subscription based service though. However, the cost is worth it.


Google Analytics

GA is my go to website tracking tool. I love the visitor information that you can get from using GA. I love the new demographic information about visitors to your site that you get if you install the Universal code. Ga is great for getting basic traffic information about you site but is easily customizable with simple coding so that you get a wide array of information about visitors and how they engage on the site. Now with our release of GAFusion for eCommerce sites, Google Analytics users can tie in offline sales with online and be able to see how the website helps to increase your foot traffic to stores and offline purchases.

GA is free to all users.


Google URL Builder

This tool is great for tagging links that you might use for banner advertisements on sites other than your own, email links, QR codes and more.

This tool is free to use.


Screaming Frog Crawler

This crawler is one of the best ones I’ve found to use. It can crawl thousands of pages on your site and will give you information about H tags, Title Tags, Meta descriptions, Status codes and much more. I use this tool to generate my xml sitemaps, check for 404 errors, duplicate content and to keep up with my SEO Meta data.

This tool has a free version but it will only crawl up to 500 URLs. The paid version will crawl 500+.


Webmaster Tools

This is another Google tool which every site owner should be using. Once your site is setup and verified through WMTs, then you get information about Pages Not Found (so you can then do redirects), organic keywords you’re getting impressions and clicks in search for, you can submit your sitemap here and get your site crawled faster, remove URLs you don’t want in Google search and more. Very very important for sites to be setup on WMTs.

This service is free to webmasters.



This is our go to keyword tool. We use SEOclarity to keep track of our client’s keyword lists and to monitor our organic rankings for those sites. Within SEOClarity we get keyword rankings, URL tracking and monitoring, competition information and more.

This is a subscription based service.


What are your favorite SEO Tools?