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Beacon’s Newest Clients Shine at the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference

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Beacon Technologies has been attending the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference in Atlanta, GA for the past two days. The event has been fantastic with plenty of wonderful sessions, speakers and contest throughout the event. We have loved meeting the great organizers of the event and all the Universities and organizations represented at the year’s conference. The highlight of the conference so far has been seeing the success of several of our web development clients in the Cassies (an awards ceremony honoring new Cascade Server implementations in the past year). Beacon was lucky enough to sponsor the event and play a great Heads-Or-Tails contest to win great gift cards. After the games, awards were handed out and you can see the big winners below…

  • Lightning Bolt – University of Virgin Islands* (Which new customer since the #CSUC13 has been the quickest to roll out a new site using Cascade Server?)

    • The University of the Virgin Islands: The University of the Virgin Islands. UVI migrated their entire ~3000 page site from Sharepoint to Cascade Server in 4 short months. The migration included 10 audience based gateway landing pages, homepage, alternate homepage, customized responsive Cascade Server calendar, fully responsive design, 600 employee profiles and much more.
  • Best New Site – University of Nebraska Medical Center* (Which customer rolled out the best new site since #CSUC13? This can be based on the design, the content, the technical functionality, or any other subjective measure.)

    • University of Nebraska Medical Center: UNMC redesigned its site entirely in-house, creating a clean, elegant responsive web site. The redesign project was the result of two years of work seeking feedback and input from stakeholders across campus. Once fully migrated, this far reaching refresh will change the look and feel of all internal and external content pages, news stories, and blog posts. Work includes, but is not limited to: PSD to HTML/CSS/JavaScript conversion; code adaptation for Cascade Server; full site responsive design; RequireJS used for more unified and modular JavaScript code; GruntJS Task Runner used for all minification and obfuscation of JavaScript and CSS code. All templates are created in a centralized project within the CMS and then distributed out to all other sub-sites, ensuring freshness of code changes at all times. More than 12,000 pages are being moved into the new CMS starting with the front-facing site and then moving onto all other sites. This project coordinates IT services, public relations, and content providers all over the campus. When all tasks are accomplished, this project will provide the University with a much more robust, SEO friendly site.
  • Most Creative Use of Cascade – University of New Brunswick (What is the most innovative thing that a client has implemented this year using Cascade Server?)

    • University of New Brunswick – myUNB News. Implemented a system that creates a three university e-newsletters via web form (using Cascade API) and a Cascade/WordPress plug in to publish to Blogs that then syndicate the content via the UNB website, myUNB Portal and MailChimp via automated-RSS based Newsletters.
  • Most Successful Site – Rollins College (Which Cascade Server-powered site has been the most successful? Success could be measured in search engine rankings, increased traffic, conversion rates for prospects, or any other quantifiable metric.)

  • Biggest Fan – Jacksonville State University* (Which individual client loves Cascade Server so much they’ve tried to get their mother to buy it? In other words, who is our biggest customer advocate?)

    • Graham Lewis, Jacksonville State University: Graham is a ravenous fan of Cascade Server. As a Hannon Hill partner, we are regularly in search of client references and he is always willing to provide a great endorsement of Cascade Server. He is active on conference circuit as well as social media and is always plugging Cascade Server wherever he can. He loves talking to people about the advantages of Cascade Server, has spoken to numerous people about his experience with Cascade Server as well as recommending it when he hears people are looking for a new CMS.

*Beacon clients

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who attended this years event!

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