How To Preserve and Archive Your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Myspace Profiles

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

In this day and age nearly everyone has a digital footprint of some sort on Twitter, Facebook, Google,  or even the more old school such as Myspace. All of that data, perhaps much to our chagrin, is floating out there for nearly anyone including you to access whenever and wherever you prefer. So how do you catalog it, preserve it and collect it all in one location? Do you want to be able to access that 30 years from now and embarrass your children or spouse? Gone are the days of your mom having photo albums full of embarrassing photos of you as a two year old.  She just posts them all on Facebook now, makes them her phone wallpaper, emails them to you randomly, or maybe for the super tech-y parents, tweets them. It’s impractical to screen shot or print out thousands of albums and photos for storage, not to mention not to economical.

So if you want to preserve that record digitally or print out your favorite pics along with anything you have ever tweeted/posted/mentioned/poked/emailed or messaged in a social media medium, Wired has assembled a quick list of the little known archive features in popular social networking sites.  I mean after all it is your data, so why not have your own copy of it all?