Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Redesign Launch

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

We have recently launched a refresh of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) site and its sister site, The College at Southeastern.  The last redesign was done in 2011, and the customer wanted to do some changes to make the site even more modern.  The general structure of the desktop and mobile sites remained the same, but the following visual changes were made:

As with any Cascade Server redesign effort, we did the redesign in a separate area of the pages as to not interrupt SEBTS’s day-to-day content updates.  This allowed them to edit and publish content within the content management system while we were working.  Several Beaconites had a hand in this project:

Jennifer:  Providing her usual awesome creative design skills for the redesign.

Morris:  He slugged his way through the confusion of having one Cascade site publish to four different destinations and layouts (two desktop sites, two mobile sites), and did all of the development for the redesign.

Keana & Tiffany:  Consulting on how to make the slideshow span 100% of the screen without being a responsive design site.

Zed:  For various development support (he probably had it done before I finished explaining what it was).

Emily:  For providing excellent account management during the sales process.

Thanks to everyone involved!