Free “Photoshop” Tool for Cropping Photos for Your Website

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Pretty often we recommend Photoshop to our clients to do their image editing for the web. But, occasionally purchasing Photoshop may not be exactly what our clients are looking to do. Especially if they just need to crop a photo here and there, it’s just not worth the investment. Pixlr Editor  is a little web-based application that is free and a fast way to get cropping without purchasing fancy software.

cropping images for the web

Pixlr Editor is amazing. I’m pretty impressed. Especially since it does everything directly in your web browser. Just make sure you set your Crop tool to “Output Size” and enter the dimensions you need your image to be in the fields.

Here is a little tutorial on how to crop your images for the web that you may find useful that I wrote previously for Photoshop. It gives a little bit more in-depth explanation on how to crop and optimize images for the web.