Richard Rossi

Recording & Monitoring Call Center Transactions

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

If your business sells its products or services through a call center, then you know the importance of recording and monitoring Call Center transactions. Firstly, it can be a requirement to ensure regulatory compliance, depending on the space in which the business operates. Even if it isn’t required for compliance, it is necessary if you wish to adequately evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service efforts and ensure customer satisfaction.

target funnelWhile one can analyze any number of call center data reports, one cannot understand customer behavior and its place in the sales cycle without an accurate attribution model. In pursuit of a working multi-channel attribution model, businesses deliberate endlessly, spend big money on consultants and buy outrageously expensive software packages only to discover that their understanding of true ROI is no greater than when they began.

Voice-based recording & monitoring of call center transactions can attribute inbound calls to particular sources, just as advertised. They reference Universal Analytics generated ID numbers, enabling the commingling of online and offline data. Problem solved, Right? The reality is quite different.

Here’s why that system is of limited value. Let’s say your company sells vacuum cleaners. You want to tie in all transactions for your entire product line, enabling you to compare the effectiveness of your call center sales staff to that of your door to door sales staff – and in a product specific way. Through use of your voice-based tracking system, you can compare the number of red vacuum cleaners sold to that of blue vacuum cleaners for your entire call center. But what if you wanted to see what sources the prospects came from before calling your call center or wanted to see what activity they did on the website before calling?

Since door to door visits do not generate a visitor ID (they’re entirely offline and are not accounted for within your voice-based monitoring software), you lose that data. That’s where the power of GA Fusion comes into play. GA Fusion ties in all transactions, offline and online, and does not have the same limitation as voice-based systems. As a result, not only are all conversions attributed properly but any subsequent activity, online or offline, can then be attributed to the same customer/source.

While this may be a simplified example of GA Fusion and its use, it isn’t difficult to envision how this unique software solution to multi-channel conversion attribution can revolutionize the way you view your conversion data and help you maximize your ROI.

Implementing GA Fusion for your business is as easy as adding a code snippet to each page and building an XML Feed, enabling you to get a true picture of where your sales and marketing efforts are having the greatest impact.

Learn why simply recording & monitoring call center transactions isn’t enough. Contact a Beacon representative today for a demonstration of GA Fusion and how it can provide you with a more accurate assessment of ROI then you ever dreamed possible.