How to Find Keyword Rankings for Google Searches

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes


Want to know how to find out if some of your keywords you’re trying to rank well for have declined or improved in search results? It’s easy.

There are actually two ways to find out this information.

Option 1:

Open up your Webmaster Tools account and go to the Search Traffic Section. Then click on “Search Queries.” This will bring up a list and graph of all the keywords your site has shown up for. I personally like to change the date setting and show the largest time period they allow which is around a 3 month period.

After you change the date, click on the Filters button above the line graph. This will open up the box shown below. Here you can enter in keywords to see if your impressions have fluctuated at all. (Note: search 1 keyword at a time.)

After you’ve enter your keyword and clicked apply. You’ll then see all a list of all the keyword phrases that contain the keyword your filtered on and the line graph will show impression changes. At this point, you can look at impression changes and narrow down your time frame to see what changes occurred.

If you see any big drops in impressions, then narrow your search results to show the week before the drop and then the week after. Looking at it this way, you’ll be able to know exactly what your average position was before the drop and after.


Option 2:

Open your Google Analytic’s account and go to the Acquisitions section, then click to open Search Engine optimization – Queries. Now look for the filer box and type in your keyword and click the magnifying glass icon. This will only show results containing this keyword.

The chart in this section by default shows impressions. In order to see rankings, click on the button that says “impressions” under the Explorer Tab and then select Average Position. Now the chart will show overall average positions for the keyword you entered.

Looking at the example above, we can see that rankings for this site improved starting on March 25th for the keyword I entered. (Note: you want the line graph to be close to the bottom of the chart because a position of 1 is what you want to achieve.)

So don’t wonder where you rank with keywords anymore. After reading this, you should easily be able to pull up this information yourself! So go do it and come back and share with me what you found!