Richard Rossi

Google Hangouts & WordPress: Web Promotion in the modern world

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Life is strange.

To folks like me who are older than dust, the idea of sharing my life with total strangers over social media is just plain, well….strange. As a result, I rarely feel the compulsion to log onto Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + to discuss strategies to stay regular or share what joint aches me today.

I’m reconsidering – fast.

Recently, I poked my head out of my cave long enough to notice big changes to Google Hangouts. Thanks to upgrades made over the last six months to a year, Google Hangouts really IS the best free, high quality way to broadcast LIVE. And since wireless recently came to Bedrock, I’m in like Flynn!

flint-cuttsIn this modern age, anyone can hold a sales meeting or demonstrate a new product through Google Hangouts. Best of all, you can share it by embedding it on your company’s WordPress blog for viewing by prospective customers – live and in real time. Conduct a product Q&A or an informational seminar, all from your website. That’s right – you don’t need to ask everyone to sign onto Google + first! The Hangouts interface is simpler and quality of broadcast much better than early incarnations.

It’s gone from stone-age to stone-cold awesome.

Want to broadcast your next live lodge meeting through the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes website? You can do that and you won’t have to memorize a secret handshake or wear a funny hat – unless of course, you want to. We don’t judge here.

Here’s what you need to do:

• Go to Google Hangouts and “start a hangout”. • Once you’re done with settings, click on the share button. • Verify your YouTube account if necessary.

At that point, you’ll be redirected to the hangout page where details of your hangout will be displayed. Below that you’ll find a links icon. Click on the links button and it will display a URL and embed code.

• Copy the page URL. • Log into your company’s WordPress site and create a post to place the hangout within. • Paste the URL into the WYSIWYG editor on its own line. • Save.

Don’t be surprised if your customers are wowed by your technological acumen. The guys at the lodge may even elect you Grand Poobah. Who knows, you could end up an even bigger star than Stoney Curtis.

Time for high-fives all around…Wilma? WILMA!