Beacon & Bees. Sweet.

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As I learn more about the honey bee, I see a lot in common with Beacon.  Structure.  Dedication.  Teamwork.  Sweet results.

In our continuing effort to focus on the environment and community, Beacon has taken up the fight to protect the honey bee population by adopting a new hive.  Tomorrow, our bees officially “move in” to their home at the Shady Stream Apiary under the care of its beekeeper, Mark Patterson.  Approximately 5000 bees will compose our new family to not only create gallons of honey, but also do their part for local farmers in pollinating crops to produce their fruits and vegetables.  “They will quickly settle into the Beacon hive and get to work,” says Patterson.  “Teams of bees within the hive have assigned duties – foraging for food, building honeycombs and protecting the hive.  They work together so diligently, with such precision, to get the job done right.  It’s quite fascinating to watch.”

Bees are disappearing quickly due to pesticides.  We forget the critical role they play in food production.  Yeah, most of us say “UH OH!” when we see (or hear) a bee.  We’ve swatted them at picnics, stepped on them with bare feet and ran from them to avoid getting stung.  But what would we do without them?

If you get a chance, check out this TED Talk about Why Bees are Disappearing.