From Front-End Development to Full-Stack Engineering, the Casual Journey

Est. Reading Time: 4 minutes

Intro: So you want to be a Front-End Developer? Get ready to be Full Stack! If you’re taking this journey you can go ahead and add Engineer to that title…. after you learn all this you’ll understand why you deserve to have the title of Full Stack Engineer! A collection of posts documenting a casual journey to the new front-end.

I’ve been lucky to have had a variety of experiences while at Beacon and in past jobs.  I still remember my first web development job when I was still in college.  They kept talking to me about servers and though I was learning about various things in my networking and other classes,  I even had server space and websites but I just couldn’t make it click.  My boss clearly saw this and asked… ‘do you know what a server is?’  I told him yes but I honestly have no idea about what it is physically.  He just smiled and walked me back to the server room.  He pointed to the multiple shelved systems and explained ‘it’s just a lot of pc’s that are connected to a network’ and like magic it all made sense!  Over the years my time spent at various places has become invaluable.

Flash forward 8 years and suddenly my every-day tutorials are telling me I need to use CLI (command line interface) for various front-end tasks! What?! Most front-end developers don’t know this stuff!… The more I learned the more overwhelmed and confused I got.  It’s like going back to before the concept of a server made sense… it’s like going back to square one.  

::why do I love this career again?::  ::because it’s challenging::

Over the past 8 months I have dedicated many nights and weekends to learning a HUGE list of things!  Every time I attempted to learn something I would have to learn something else first.  It’s been a long long long journey and the amount I’ve learned is just unthinkable.  I’m not 100% there yet, but I am determined to keep on paddling and look forward to the day it all makes sense.  The Magic.

My overall goal over the next few weeks is to really dive into all these concepts and technologies I’ve been studying the last 8 months and break it down for others.  This will not only help others to get up to speed but also help me to understand better in the process.  

The following is a list of posted articles.  Each time I write a post I will come back and add to this list. So if you are wanting to follow the posts bookmark this post and use the following list:

I would also request that you PLEASE give me feedback.  I am far from being an expert on any of the more advanced topics I will dive into.  I have done a lot of hands on, multiple online courses, a lot of books and I can get things to work (and break)…  self teaching at it’s finest.  However, I still long for ‘yes that’s right’ or ‘it’s better to do it like this’.  Basically that moment of sureness my previous boss once gave me when he explained the mystery behind servers.  My #1 goal here is to get a solid grasp on all of these new technologies.

The same goes to other newbies out there… feedback feedback feedback. Did you understand it the same way? I want this to remain an open conversation for tackling these new hurdles and be as introductory friendly as possible (prior knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS is assumed). I want to turn 8 months of learning the unknown into a casual journey. :)