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Beacon Technologies’ new GAFUSION product centralizes analytics for both online and offline transactions

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Greensboro, NC. – Beacon Technologies officially announces the production release of its GAFUSIONTM product – the only turnkey offline/online integrator of its kind for Google Analytics.

After nearly a year in development and beta testing, Beacon’s CEO, Mark Dirks, was excited to announce the launch of GAFUSION, seeing it as the synthesis of all the services that Beacon delivers to the web solutions industry.  “Finally, all of your transactions can be in one place, under one proven and powerful analytics engine,” says Dirks.  “We have married our deep technical skills in web software development, digital marketing, Google Analytics and web hosting to bring GAFUSION to life.  It’s a real game changer for multi-channel retailers and can be up-and-running for our clients in as little as a week for a very reasonable fee.”

As one of the longest-standing Google Analytics Certified Partners, Beacon Technologies developed GAFUSION such that offline transactions can leverage the tremendous reporting and segmentation capabilities of Google Analytics, while also tying them back to online user activity.  View them either separately or combined with online transactions via unique GA profiles designed by Beacon’s Google Analytics experts.  It accomplishes this through its proprietary collection and matching software. “Nowadays, no one disputes that online marketing impacts in-store activity,” says Dirks.  “But where’s the data to support these claims?  With GAFUSION, you can now analyze a much truer return on your marketing investment with respect to how online marketing drives offline sales, while also gaining more accurate insights on customer behavior.”

Beacon showcased GAFUSION in Orlando on Feb 10-12 at the Internet Retailer Focus Exhibition for web design and mobile ecommerce.  “IR Focus served as a soft launch to further gauge demand and gather customer feedback.  The response was tremendously positive and in fact, we are already working with several companies from the exhibition that were anxious to get the product installed,” says Dirks.  To learn more about GAFUSION, visit or contact Beacon Technologies at (866) 488-3620.

Founded in 1998, Beacon Technologies, Inc provides custom web solutions that help its customers fully utilize digital technology to grow their business.  Beacon’s customers gain a competitive advantage through its unique, in-house ability to provide creative web design, quality web development, data-driven digital marketing and dependable hosting services to produce measurable results. In addition, Beacon’s long standing relationship with Google as a certified partner and premiere partnerships with best-in-class ecommerce, content management, site search, email and other software vendors, allows it to deliver dependable, well-integrated and full service web solutions to its customers around the world.