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Things To Be Thankful For In Web Design & Digital Marketing

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On this, the eve of the fourth Thursday in November, many are gathering with family and friends to reflect on those things we hold near and dear, and to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Here at Beacon we are no different, and as we all begin to depart for our holiday excursions we’d like to reflect on some things we are thankful for when developing websites.

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We’re thankful for externally hosted includes that can be cached by multiple sites and speed up page load times by skipping the load times for shared files. When using common utilities like jquery or mootools for bundled javascript functionality you can generally increase page load times by referencing a version of that resource hosted on by google so that users who have visited another site that uses that tool will already have that resource saved in cache thus reducing the number of assets the client has to load to view your content. For a list of libraries available via google click here.

We’re thankful for content enriching plugins like Flowplayer and Flexslider that help deliver your message to your audience in dynamic and engaging ways. Flowplayer integrates seamlessly within your website to present responsive and streaming video content to users on any device. Catch a peek at Flowplayer in action at Flexslider is another script based plugin that can easily display your content in a slideshow format, complete with different transitions to best frame your message across any device. To see an example of Flexslider in action you need go no further than Beacon’s own home page. For more detailed information on Flexslider check out their demo.

We’re thankful for powerful search engine optimization tools like SEO Clarity for helping us dig into our client’s sites and find new growth opportunities and weaknesses. This new SEO management tool makes it easier for us to monitor our client’s rankings, strategize link building and track poor and well-performing pages to never fall behind the competition. Along with key insights, SEO Clarity also provides beautiful reports to track every aspect of your site’s performance. These analysis tools are crucial to help us provide valuable feedback to our customers without digging into valuable time we need to spend improving your site.

Lastly, we are thankful for powerful tools SEO from Google. Both Google Analytics and Google Adwords provide our clients with key shopping trends, conversion optimization insights and new ideas to further your business’ visibility online. Google Analytics has the ability to integrate with all of your digital marketing to effectively track and monitor your email marketing, paid search campaigns, search engine optimization efforts, social media accounts and ecommerce transactions…all in one interface. When you integrate Google Adwords alongside Analytics you gain access to keyword data, cost-per-click and revenue that shape your future marketing efforts and improve your ROI. As a Certified Google Adwords and Analytics Partner, Beacon is fortunate enough to keep abreast of all new search algorithm changes, new Google marketing opportunities and industry news that affects all of our clients.

There are so many tools and plugins to be thankful for when we develop web solutions that we couldn’t possibly list them all. We hope that you find some of these tools useful yourself, and if ever you find yourself in need of some expert help, we’ll be thankful for the opportunity to help.