2013 Google Analytics Summit in Pictures

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

I’ve finally had a chance to upload some images from the 2013 Google Analytics Summit. I flew out there on Sunday this year and got the chance to go hiking before the summit started so the first half of the album are shots from the summit at the computer history museum and the second half is some of the scenery around the Mountain View, CA area.

This year was the first year to invite premium clients. There seemed to a good mix of partners and clients. I got the chance to talk to many end users as well as some long standing GA Partner friends such as Rod Jacka from Panalysis, and Dave Eckman from Cardinal Path. Google went above and beyond this year to create an awesome experience as usual.

There were several key feature announcements that I would love to disclose but can’t because they are still top secret. One area of discussion was that GA recognized the issues many of us are facing with data sampling. I hope to see better sampling data-sets over the next year. Another area where discussion was avoided was the “Not Provided” topic. I’m not entirely surprised this wasn’t discussed much, other than a sarcastic mention by Avinash.

Overall, it was a great experience and more than anything helps to drive my creative side. I enjoy hearing about the unique methods other partners are using to tackle data challenges. A big takeaway for me this year was the separation of technical and business and how we tend to focus our consulting around the technical side. However, the technical is only the means to an end, not the end itself. As for Beacon, you can expect to see a better integration of using GA to really help answer the tough business questions.