How to Turn Prospects into Customers

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes


No one ever said it would be easy, and not every company has the ability to convert a first time visitor into an immediate customer.  Many businesses must nurture their web visitors to make them become prospects, so that later they can be trusted and appreciated enough for a web conversion to occur.  And then, after they finally purchase (epic high-fives exchanged), you must continue to nurture them so that they keep coming back to purchase more of your products or services in the future.

So just how do you help captivate relevant web visitors and turn them into customers?  You provide value to these visitors through the use of great content!  And how do you provide value?  Well, here’s 4 quick tips:

1) Don’t rush through the content just to get something out there.  Thought must be involved in what you post.  Google’s Panda updates keep teaching us that quick and easy content is not going to get us on page one of the search results.  Not to mention that, quick and easy content does little to impress, engage or retain web visitors.  Ask yourself this question before you publish or post your next piece of content, “Would you want to read this, and then leave feeling satisfied after you read it?”

2) Always double-check your work, and then check it one more time. I cannot help but be an active member of the grammar police.  I feel like I was practically born into this role since my mom, aunt, and grandmother were all teachers.  Besides, no one is going to buy your products if you can’t even spell them correctly!

3) Provide links to useful resources.  For instance, if you are a sports company writing a blog post about how to decrease your triathlon transition times, provide a link to an awesome company like Hawley so readers can know where to get the bike goods you don’t have.  They will appreciate the tips.  You should also have other links going to more of your products that relate, or other blog posts that are also related to triathlons or sports training.

4) Keep users engaged so they continue to fell connected to you.  This is where you basically incorporate your call to action.  When they read through the page you should simply tell users what they should do next.  Give them a next step link or provide a simple suggestion to get them started on implementing your advice.  If you are creating content on a blog, simply provide a link to a related post on your blog to keep them on the site longer.

Hope this helps!