How to Increase Engagement Levels for your Social Media Accounts

Est. Reading Time: 4 minutes

OK, you now have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+ Account for your business, but now what?  Just having them isn’t enough and you can’t just create them and leave them alone.  You will not increase your following without some optimization and Social Media is such a great tool to not only provide an avenue to increase the number of inbound links to your website, but also to increase your brand awareness and brand recognition.

social media engagement

Regardless of whether your company is a Fortune 50 company, or just starting out, here are some basic tips to increase the number of users that interact with your social media content.

1) It is acceptable to use humor to get a response from your followers.  The FDIC won’t be mad at you for posting a picture with a pun in the text.  Again, show your human side.  Your company is full of humans, not robots!  Besides, there is so much content out there filled with facts and promotions that breaking things up with a bit of humor here and there will be much appreciated, engaged with, and shared as well.  People are on social media so much to take a break, so give them something entertaining here and there.

2) You are only as good as your staff.  Talk about them by tagging and posting pictures of them.  They will appreciate the positive support, and by tagging them, their friends and family will see this, like them, and share them as well, thus expanding your reach.  If you have a company meeting-post pictures.  Grand opening of a new location-post pictures. Images immediately engage the eyes and draw attention, so get visual.  Show your human side and enjoy the benefits!

3) Be grateful and give thanks.  For example, if you notice that someone tweeted about your company on Twitter, call out their handle and thank them for the compliment.  This good vibe will allow them to continue to be a visible advocate for your brand or cause.  It’s all about loyalty and customer retention.  In the same respect, if someone calls you out for something negative, quickly communicate with them to turn your small enemy into a big time supporter (Do NOT ignore them).

4) Be part of something greater than yourself or you company.  Google+ communities, Google+ hangouts, Google+ Circles, and LinkedIn groups are a great way to inform the public, so find an industry or group that is right for you.  If you are a service company, create your own group and invite your customers, vendors, and partners to stay engaged with them.  This added value and knowledge transfer will show them they are more than just a revenue stream.

5) You don’t have to be the only one.  Encourage others to pin stuff on your Pinterest boards.  Tell them to pin their favorite products of your’s, or provide design inspirations and the like.  Create specific boards, and then add people to pin within the ‘who can pin’ area under edit.  The great thing about all this new content, higher interactions, and inbound link exposure is that you also have control over the content so you can easily remove pins or change the descriptions or names providers give.

6) Timing is everything.  Use analytics and user interface insights to determine when ‘your people’ are on social media and provide content at those times. Your job as the social media coordinator might be Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, but if most of your customers spend time on your site and social media at night and on the weekends, you need to be providing content during that time.