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Measure Your Business’s Online Success With Analytics

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Measure Your Business’s Online Success With Analytics

Whether your website is an online storefront, an informational site, or a mixture of both, analytics is critical to understand if you are hitting your targets and using the right digital marketing strategy. Analytics can also be helpful to determine who your customers are, what creates the most conversions and what aspects of your site are over or under-performing. Web analytics is more than installing a script and reading monthly reports…it involves detailed analysis and interpretation to help drive business decisions.


Powered By Google Analytics

Beacon is one of the longest standing Google Analytics Consulting Partners in the country, having been selected by Google after a long arduous qualification and selection process in 2007. We are here to help you with your Google Analytics Setup and Configuration, reporting, segmentation, tracking and educating your internal staff.

Google Analytics Certified PartnerAs a Google Analytics Partner, we have access to a large devoted network of GA experts and Google staff, so if we haven’t already seen your particular issue, we’re sure we will resolve it. 

When needed, Beacon sets up the following and provides funnel analysis:

  • the ecommerce tracking module to correlate revenue transaction information with marketing channels. 
  • the internal site search analysis functionality tying visitor searches to goals, transactions, and revenue. 
  • the import of Adwords cost and keyword data to tie cost to revenue by keyword any non-ecommerce based conversion goal tracking.
From Setup To Reporting & Conversion Optimization

There are several factors to consider when setting up Google Analytics. During our initial consultation and site review with you, we discuss current marketing strategy, objectives and desired metrics (goals, key performance indicators, report needs, etc.) so that we fully understand the business, success factors, and custom requirements. Beacon can assist your choice or all of the following:

  • Setup & Installation: Based on reporting, segmenting and profile requirements, Beacon configures the appropriate tracking code throughout the site.
  • eCommerce Integration: With eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics can pull your revenue data from transactions that occur on the site and help better target channels to increase ROI.
  • Adwords Integration: Analytics can also import your Adwords paid search data so you can analyze your spend, maximize budgets and focus on high-converting keywords.
  • Conversion Metrics: Beacon can help you identify conversion paths that drive the highest conversion rates and send more traffic through those pages.
  • Report Creation: Whether you need automated or custom reports, Beacon can ensure your marketing strategy is meeting your unique expectations. 
What Next?

Our programs are designed for businesses that fully understand the value, effort and funding required to consistently generate sales and leads through the Internet. Successful online marketing, powered by analytics, requires regular, dedicated effort by an experienced staff. If you are interested in discussing your options, please contact us today. 

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