A Star Wars’ Guide to Using Google Analytics for your Company

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

“I do not want to increase the qualified traffic to my company’s website,” said NO ONE EVER!

Depending on the goals you set for your company to either 1) increase traffic for brand awareness, or 2) increase qualified, relevant traffic to increase conversions, Google Analytics should be your Jedi Master, helping you meet your goals through a logical, data driven process (aka- the force).  While Google Analytics is not as robust and sometimes serves up sampled data, it will still give you the ammo needed to make educated on-line strategy decisions.

Here are three elementary activities to help you on your quest, young Padawan:

  1. Learn what pages are generating the most page-views.  Once you learn where this traffic is landing, review what the are clicking on, what events they conduct, and what conversions you have set they are achieving.  This will be your benchmark to improve upon.  If most of your traffic lands on the homepage, do conversion optimization on the homepage to try to improve your metrics.  It is also important to create a secondary dimension as well to see where this traffic is coming from so you know how to market to them, as well as reviewing the search terms they used to arrive on these pages so you can better understand user goals and SERP agendas.
  2.  Discover when users are reviewing your site’s content.  By learning what days and the time of day users are active on your site will help you determine the best time to market to them through the use of post dissemination on social media as well as emails distributed to their in-boxes.  You can also avoid upsetting your users by conducting necessary website maintenance when website activity is at its lowest.  
  3. Use advanced segments to better understand how users migrate through your website.  Let’s say you have an eCommerce website that sells custom light sabers (really trying to stay with my Star Wars theme) with a section for light and dark in the top navigation.  By creating an advanced segment with all traffic that view the dark side light sabers, and then another advanced segment that targets traffic that view the light side light sabers, you can then compare these two demographics to learn from their behavior.  This will help you learn metrics specific to these two sides.