Jordan Burleson

Beacon Alert: Google’s Penguin Update To Affect 2.3% of U.S. Searches

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Google Penguin 2.0Over the past few days, Google has rolled out its latest search algorithm update…Penguin 2.0. Google has said on numerous occasions that search engine optimization can be positive and constructive by making pages more accessible and easier to find. However, many sites have been using ‘webspam’ techniques to have their pages rank higher without providing good or unique content to users. Penguin 2.0 serves to tackle these webspam entities.

Beacon’s Director of Digital Marketing, Brad Henry, helps explain this important update… “Google completed one of their larger algorithm updates yesterday. I think it’s important to note that what you see at one location won’t necessarily indicate how everyone sees your result. For the best understanding of how this change has impacted your site, I would look at several signals including webmaster tools query reports, keyword position reports, traffic volumes, and manual spot checks. If your SEO practices have been using tactics focused around quality content generation for the purpose of relevance and for the purpose of link distribution, you will most likely fair well with this update because this update is focused towards removing spam websites and devaluing spammy link tactics. If you’ve been hiring link building firms targeting article banks, comment spam, and buying links, you may have some issues.“

About 2.3% of English-U.S. search queries are affected to the degree that a regular Google user may notice. For more information on this update and how it may affect you, please reference the Penguin 2.0 statement from Google and Matt Cutt’s blog.

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