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NCTA Responsive Redesign Launch

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Beacon Technologies is excited to announce the launch of NCTA’s responsive site redesign at! The site was already in Cascade, but Beacon’s team helped to redesign the existing site with slight graphic changes and adopt a fluid grid layout. Our development team helped implement a new “rounded” look and highlight key areas of the site to improve site navigation and ease-of-use for the end user. View another one of our projects for more information on responsive design.

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Key Changes


  • Implemented a responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • The client wanted How to Sponsor an Event, Become a Member, Event Calendar and their Membership Directory given a prominent presence. Beacon helped make it easy for their members or prospective members to find this information.
  • They thought their last site was too “boxy”; however, they liked the rounded corners that Apple has, so we provided them with rounded corners
  • They wanted to highlight their main sponsors on the homepage, which we’ve done via a scrolling carousel right above the footer
  • Changed the layout of the Events pages to highlight  What, When and Where higher up on the page. On their old site, these features were getting lost in all of the content.
  • Provided them with bigger and more prominent calls to action such as buttons in the left-hand navigation of the events pages for Register Online and Print Form buttons in the left-hand navigation.
  • Made the News ticker more prominent on homepage – ticker at top of page
  • Upgraded the search feature from Perlfect to Google Custom Search

Key Players


The following folks had  major role in the success of this project:


  • Jennifer did a great job of coming up with a responsive design that addressed all of their requirements, but was still functional in a mobile capacity.
  • Keana did virtually all of the development and Cascade implementation with great results.
  • Tiffany was always available for technical support.  She was there to answer any questions the developers had and helped out from a development/testing perspective when we were down to the wire.
  • John Vine jumped in towards the end and helped set up Google Custom Search so we could migrate NCTA off of Perlfect.
  • Justin provided analysis, development, and launch assistance as needed.


If you are building a new website or redesigning your old one, it’s time to consider a responsive design. Mobile and tablet usage has increased significantly and will continue to do so. In addition, there are SEO and maintenance benefits with responsive design versus having standalone mobile, tablet and desktop websites.