8 Ways to Improve Product Detail Pages on Ecommerce Sites

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8 Ways to Improve Product Detail Pages

1.       Larger Images – Having bigger images is important because the customer wants to be able to see the product. If they can’t see the product because the image is the size of a thumbnail, chances are they won’t convert. It’s important to not only have big images but also have plenty of images for the customer to look at.  (see above picture for example)

 2.       Product videos – Videos are great for eCommerce sites because they give the customer a better look at the product. Not only are videos great for showing off the product but they also provide a chance for you to talk directly to the customer and tell them more about the product then they can read online.  (see above picture for example)

 3.       Make Your Price Stand out – No matter what the product costs, it is still important to make the price visible and easy to see. A price that is hidden can be aggravating for a customer and could lead to many abandoned carts. It’s better to just show the price right away and make it stand out so the customer knows exactly what the item costs.  (see above picture for example)

 4.       Large Colorful Call to Action Buttons – it’s important to also make it easy for the customer to add the product to their cart or wish list. Having large colorful buttons will make it easier for the customer to know exactly what to do if they want to make a purchase. (call to actions such as “add to cart”, “add to wish list” or “add to favorites” etc)

 5.       Engage Customers with Social Media – Whether you think your customers will use it or not, you should always include social media sharing buttons. This is free advertisement for you if the customer shares. Having a “like”, “pin”, or “tweet” button make it easy for customers to share with their friends if they find something they really like.

 6.       In Stock Notification – Let say you want to keep out of stock products on your site for whatever reason. When a customer comes to your site hoping to find the product they are looking for and then get an out of stock message, it can be frustrating for them. Not only are they upset it’s out of stock but chances are they are going to exit the site at that point and not return. Don’t let that happen. Add an In Stock Notification sign up on the page. Not only will you collect an email address but you’ll also keep the customer happy and coming back to the site.

 7.       Add Color Swatches – Telling the customer how many colors a product comes in is great but showing them is even greater! A customer is more likely to convert if they can see all the choices then if they are just told them. Colors can vary so much which is why showing exactly what the color looks like will help seal a sell.

 8.       Include Customer Reviews – Reviews are great for getting people motivated to buy. If a customer is on the fence about buying the product, a good review might be that small push they need to convert. Reviews can be in the form of comments or ratings. Showing both is ideal because you can show the ratings beside the product and comments at the bottom of the page.

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