Annette Fowler

Search Descriptions in AspDotNetStorefront

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In older versions of AspDotNetStorefront (ML/8 and older), the built-in search functionality does not search the product or category description fields by default.  Though this seems strange, the explanation that I’ve been given in the past by AspDotNetStorefront Support is that this could cause a strain on the server’s performance due to the large amount of text that can occur in these fields.

However, most clients that I’ve worked with really need this data to be searched as well, in order to quickly get the customer to the right product.  Therefore, I always make it a habit to ask a customer when we start an AspDotNetStorefront project whether or not these fields should be included as search fields.  If they say  “yes” (and they always do), I keep this handy forum post bookmarked and make sure that the developers include this “fix” during the development phase of the project:

Please note that this may be handled differently in newer versions of AspDotNetStorefront, but it works quite effectively in ML.   Just in case this link ever is disabled, here’s the gist of the post (BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR DATA AND FILES FIRST!):

If you own the source code and host the database:

Modify the Aspdnsf_GetProducts stored proc, find @extSearch param and change the initial value from 0 to 1.

create proc [dbo].[aspdnsf_GetProducts] @categoryID int = 0, @sectionID int = 0, ………. ………. @extSearch tinyint = 1, ……….. ………..

Re-run the script, just the Aspdnsf_GetProducts so the change will take effect.

If you do not own the source code or have access to the database/stored procedures:

Modify your XML package to set:

,@extSearch = 1

in the <sql> section

Hope this helps!