Google Product Listing Ad Keyword Tracking

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Like the word “Free”  in ad copy, Google product listings ads deliver exceptional results.

One question I get asked is “Why are the product listing ads cheaper than my other campaigns?”

The answer is that there are not as many people using PLAs comparatively. This will likely change over time.

Another question I get asked the most is “Where can I see keywords for the product listing ad queries ?”

The answer is  - you can’t.

In Google Analytics, the best you can do is to correlate the landing page with the possible keyword that was used.

To see this in Google Analytics -

Click on Overview:

Change your Primary Dimension to ‘Keyword’

and your Secondary dimension to ‘Landing Page’ :

Within your Filter, include your Keyword to exactly match ‘ * ‘ (asterisk):

Hit Apply and now you have a listing of landing pages along with their metrics. See which pages are getting the most visits and which pages have the highest bounce rates.


In the above screenshot,  the number 1 & 4 keywords have the highest bounce rates. You don’t know what those keywords are, but you can see the names of the  landing pages (blacked out in this example).

At this point, you can try to making changes to the product pages with the highest bounce rates. You can also add negative keyphrases related to those specific landing pages.

Either way, you’ll be happier than you were before.