Google Adwords Quality Score Myths

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

While Google keeps all their secrets of algorithms, updates, and quality score computations locked in their secret vaults probably guarded by The Avengers (or so my seven year old son would love to believe), there are still some common quality score misconceptions we at Beacon can debunk for you without super powers or an arsenal of awesome gadgets.  Below are four answers to questions I was recently asked during a consultation last week.

1) While the position of your ad within the search results often impacts your click through rate (CTR),  it does not play a role in the determination of your Quality Score.   So even if your ad isn’t the first one on the page, it’s still possible to get a great Quality Score.  This is good to know for smaller Adwords Accounts that can’t afford to be at the top all the time.

2) Don’t feel the need to set your Adwords specific conversion tracking to some easy event on the landing page in hopes that a high conversion rate will increase your Quality Score, because it won’t.  Instead, use your top priority goal or event (such as an eCommerce conversion) and keeps things consistent with your top-line goals in GA.

3)  You don’t have to have a large budget to achieve high Quality Score marks, and how much you can bid on your keywords will not play a factor in the Quality Score you are given.  Have more faith in the good folks at Google, who really determine your Quality Scores based on your expected CTR based on keyword relevance, ad relevance, and landing page engagements during the user experience.

4)  In the same respect, your Quality Score will not suffer if you need to lower your bids and budgets or even pause your campaigns completely due to funding limitations.  Quality Score is only calculated when your ads are live, and will they will not lose their power if you pause them because you may have gone over budget too early in the month.