Beacon Technologies Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation

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Greensboro, NC, March 1, 2013

According to CEO Mark Dirks, Beacon Technologies was nothing more than “an idea – a plan to form a web development company” when he joined forces with John Scaramuzzo (COO) 15 years ago. Today Beacon has turned a small web technology team with a local focus into one with a national reach.

 “I still remember our first client like it was yesterday.  It was invigorating to work closely with a small business to help give them visibility to the world through the internet, but also to feel the work had an impact.  It was quite different within AT&T for the previous 13 years where we never dealt with outside customers” says Dirks.

In January 2013, Beacon Technologies reached a milestone with its 15th year in business; a feat rarely seen today. Starting out as a group of computer information professionals in 1998, Beacon now offers web development, web hosting and digital marketing services to a diverse set of clients in 43 states.

This past year saw unprecedented growth, with Beacon Technologies adding 54 new clients including Hanes Brands, Harvard University, Syracuse University, Honey Baked Ham and Shelba D. Johnson Trucking. The company now lists over 30 universities and colleges as clients.  It is also one of the longest standing Google Analytics Partners in the country.

Dirks goes on about Beacon’s future, “We navigated through highs and lows over the years.  We were excited by the fast growth and partnerships with Accenture and Lockheed Martin in the early days to develop FAFSA for the Dept of Education and web-based applications for the EPA.  We toughened up following the dot-com fallout, the 9/11 tragedy and more recently, the stock market crash.  My partner and Beacon’s COO, John Scaramuzzo, was instrumental in working through those difficult days and deserves a ton of credit in setting the financial foundation for success over the last 5 years and the future.  I still greatly enjoy Beacon and its people.  This year, we made another big step by growing our sales staff which will subsequently increase demand for additional development and digital marketing staff to support the widened sales funnel.  We are traveling to many more national trade shows and continue to establish Beacon as a leader in Higher Ed and Retail web solutions as well.  Plus we have several other cool initiatives that will be announced later in the year.  It’s certainly an exciting time for Beacon.”

Beacon continues to give back to the local Greensboro community with both time and financial gifts. As a community partner of the United Way of Greater Greensboro, Beacon technologies increased its collective annual contributions in 2012. The company invites you to help celebrate their 15th by making a contribution of your own at

Founded in 1998, Beacon provides custom web solutions that help its customers fully utilize digital technology to grow their business.  Beacon’s customers gain a competitive advantage through its unique, in-house ability to marry creative web design, quality web development, data-driven digital marketing and dependable hosting services to produce measurable results. In addition, Beacon’s long standing relationship with Google as a certified partner and premiere partnerships with best-in-class eCommerce  content management, site search, email and other software vendors, allows it to deliver dependable, well-integrated web solutions to its customers throughout the U.S.

Rob Darst, Mark Dirks and John Scaramuzzo at the Anniversary Party