Annette Fowler

Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management, Cascade Site launch

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This striking new Cascade site was launched on January 4, 2013:  Beacon completed a lot of excellent custom development on this site including the following:

  • Develop a new website for the school using design templates provided by a third party design firm
  • “Extended” top nav menu system that displays sub-level pages in a formatted and user-friendly manner and controlled by an include file “behind the scenes”:
Extended Top Navigation
  • Customized home page banner rotation with extensive summary text area that can be maintained within Cascade
  • Right column area (on lower level pages) that inherits the section page’s default content (or can be overridden at the page level) to minimize site maintenance
  • Widgets to display specialized content (like news, testimonials, events, blog entries, etc.) as well as customizable call to action buttons
  • Option to display standardized video player on any content page
  • Customized testimonials template
  • Cascade Workflow process for page-level approval
  • Specialized navigation “pods” (like on this page:  that allow the admin to select which sub-pages to link to and display content about those sub-pages within the body of a page:
Pod menu options

The client is really pleased with the new site and kudos to everyone involved!

  • Justin—For extensive assistance in requirements gathering and software engineering, content import from the old site, Cascade training as well as “as needed” development assistance
  • Tiffany—Responsible for the majority of the site development, including several pre-launch issues that were resolved in record time!
  • Zed—For content updates and “as needed” site development
  • John W—For assistance with a RSS feed issue

Another impressive Cascade site!