QR Codes 101: What it is, How to Create it, and Where to place it

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

So you might remember a few weeks ago I showed you how to use the Google URL Builder to tag email links. Well today we’re going to use that information to create QR Codes.


What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response Code aka QR Code is a barcode image used in different mediums for a quick and easy way to send people to a webpage.  A QR Code can be used in many different ways to help generate traffic to your site.


How Do I Create a QR Code?

First, you will need to figure out what link you want to use. If you’re creating a QR Code to use to send traffic to your site, you’ll want to tag the link so you can see how many visits from the site came from people scanning the QR Code. After you’ve created the new tagged link using the URL Builder, you’ll want to shorten the link. To do this you can use Google’s URL Shortener tool, Goo.gl.


Now copy the new shortened link and go to http://www.qrstuff.com. This site is really simple and easy to use to build QR codes.  Since the above example is based on a website url, we’ll continue by choosing the data type website url, then pasting in our website url into step 2, step 3 choose a color or just leave it black. After all of that is done you can simply download the code or click to print it. Of course, before you actually use it for a project make sure you test it with your phone, so you know that it works.



So Now You Have a QR Code but Where Do You Use it?

Well get creative! There are TONS of places you can place a QR Code. Here are just a few I thought of while typing this post.


Hope that helps! So tell me, is this your first time using a QR Code or have you used them before? If you have already used them, where did you place yours?