Google Analytics Gets An Update – Allows More Customization

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In the past few days, Google Analytics has started seeing structural and design changes to each user’s profile pages. The importance of these new structure changes is that Google is simplifying reporting, dashboards and real-time data into one central location. Overall, the Analytics interface has not drastically changed in terms of the amount of information you can find reported, but the “usability” has seen huge improvements; which is an excellent sign of things to come.

Tabs & Sidebars Get An Overhaul

One of the first things Analytics users will see when logging into their accounts after this update is the change to the top navigation (now only shows Reporting & Customization tabs and loses a Home tab) and new menu options on the left sidebar. The top navigation of this interface is also now sticky navigation, making it easy to switch between standard or custom reporting or switching profiles.

Old Interface

New Interface


Before, if an Analytics user wanted to view real-time statistics, customized dashboards or intelligence events, they would have to navigate to the “Home” tab. This made finding the reports users really wanted to see harder to find and the location made no sense outside of the “Reporting” tab. Now, in the new design we notice several new options(see above). Dashboards, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events and Real Time are now in the Reporting Tab under “My Stuff”, making it easier to get access to your data.

Dashboards & Widgets

Another exciting change to Analytics is the option for different layouts within the Dashboards panel. You can now choose to show custom-made widgets that are more important or with graphs in a larger space while those with concise data are shown smaller. You can maintain the 50/50 layout or choose new options like 25% quadrants or 70/30. Take a look at the new layout options below.


The Dashboard panel also receives a design upgrade when you click on  the “+Add Widget ” button. You now have more ways to see your analytics with maps and bar graphs.  The dashboard widget updates are some of the most exciting improvements because with how easy Google makes it to export graphs, tables, reports and more…now users have more ways to analyze their site’s traffic and web marketers have more unique ways to show clients their results right within the dashboard.

In Summary

 Google Analytics is constantly changing and adapting. Users continually find new data and ways to present data from site usage. Look for even more design changes and user-friendly upgrades in the future as social media, mobile users and e-commerce  play an ever-growing role in site optimization and tracking.