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Beacon’s On The Road, Again!

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On Friday, February 1st, a team of Beacon Employees, including myself, will head down to Charlotte for the North Carolina Technology Association Annual Meeting and Tech Expo.  Beacon has a longstanding history with NCTA, an association whose purpose is to promote our state’s fast-growing technology industry.  They put on numerous events throughout the year, including everything from monthly NCTA 101 sessions, to a Golf tournament and leadership conference in July, as well as the annual NCTA 21 awards.

Friday’s event is entitled “Outlook for IT: 2013 & Beyond” and is being held at the Hilton Charlotte Center City Hotel.  I’m personally thrilled to be in attendance at this conference, because it kicks off the start of Beacon’s event schedule, which will take us to Charlotte, Atlanta, and Boston, just to name a few. You can find out more about what we’re in for this Friday, here:


As an IT enthusiast, and a lifelong North Carolina resident, I’m excited to meet with other residents from across North Carolina that are involved in our IT sector, and discover how they are utilizing technology to drive their businesses forward. From everything I’ve read on the speakers, as well as the other companies that will be in attendance, this event will not be short on very talented IT professionals. I look forward to the opportunity to be in Charlotte this Friday; what events are you planning on attending this year?