Happy #15 to Beacon + A Look Back at 2012

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On January 6th 2013, Beacon will celebrate its 15th birthday.  It’s hard to fathom that fifteen years ago, today, “Beacon Technologies” didn’t exist yet.  It was still just an idea – a plan to form a web development company.  What?  Hasn’t Beacon been around forever???  These milestone birthdays are a great time to reflect on the past.  It’s a long story of twists and turns, ups and downs… but ultimately, being around 15 years requires some level of success.  Rather than look back all the way to the beginning, I believe 2012 was a representative year – a year that brought everything together.

But before diving into 2012, I can officially say that the MAJORITY of my career has been at Beacon now.  Hard to believe that I’ve been here more than my time at RJ Reynolds and AT&T… combined!  I still love the work, the business, the technology.  It’s challenging.  We have really good, talented people.  This team of people that we call “Beacon” really cares about making a difference for our customers.  It’s not about the “cool” factor or the “pretty pictures” of the early internet days.  It’s about business.  It’s about driving sales and streamlining processes with technology.  That’s what we do.

Each year I ask our employees to take part of a day to reflect on the previous year, particularly their individual and team successes.  We all get so caught up in “today’s” activities and forget to look back at all the things we’ve accomplished.  Everyone works so hard – you need to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!  It’s important to look back at what you’ve achieved, to remember that difficult web project that was launched for the world to see… that project that is now fully operational and producing results for your customer.  It’s motivating to know and see that your work has value and directly impacts the business of your customers.  For me, that’s all you can ask from your job, your work, your career.

As a business owner, I’m always thinking (ok, worrying) about today and the future.  If you are a business owner, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  But, over the holidays, I took some time to look back at 2012.  Wow!  We accomplished a lot.


The bar was raised pretty high in 2012, but we have many new, exciting things already planned for 2013!

Happy New Year!